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Brand Davidoff

Davidoff cigarettes were born to be elite among the cigarettes. No other brand in the world is able to match Davidoff cigarettes' prestige, superior taste and stylishness. The first Davidoff cigarette, the famous Davidoff Magnum, was created by Zino Davidoff exclusively for true tobacco connoisseurs. Davidoff is a popular German brand of high-end tobacco products (mainly cigars and cigarettes), produced by Imperial Tobacco following its purchase of Reemtsma Zigarettenfabriken. The tobacco products are produced under licence of Davifoff & Cie, founded by Zino Davidoff and based in Geneve, Switzerland. The company also produces a line of high-end perfume, coffee and fashion accessories.

The cigarette line includes the standard "classic", "mild", "lights", "ultra lights" and "menthol" flavours, as well as the more expensive rich "Magnum" flavour. Due to legal issues, the sale of Davidoff cigarettes is prohibited in the United States, however they can still be ordered from discount cigarette merchants on the Internet.

Davidoff cigars can however be found in most smoke shops throughout the globe, including the United States.
Davidoffs are now available in Canada in some stores.

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