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Brand Carpati

Carpati cigarettes are produced in Romania since 1931. Originally produced as a non-filtered short (70 mm) cigarette by the Sf. Gheorghe Royal Tobacco Monopoly, production expanded significantly after the 1950s, when this brand was produced in no less than 6 factories (Timisoara, Sf. Gheorghe, Tg. Jiu, Rm. Sarat, Iasi and Bucharest). Each factory produced the cigarette with significant individual variations of the original recipe, giving birth to different preferences of Carpati smokers towards the producing factory. Throughout its production history, both filtered and unfiltered, king size (85 mm) and short (70 mm) cigarettes were available under this brand, in either a soft or hard package, typically 20 cigarettes/pack. Furthermore, between 1950 and 1990, Carpati cigarettes were also available loose, typically sold by the dozen, in specialty tobacco stores. Only full strength cigarettes were ever produced, and the most popular model (and the only one produced as of 2006) was the unfiltered, 70 mm type in a soft, paper pack. Currently, only a few thousands packs are produced each year, and mainly sold as a nostalgia item. It was one of the cheapest cigarettes available on the market, becoming a favorite amongst students, factory workers and in the military, at one point in the 1970s accounting for more than 60% of the total sales in Romania.

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