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Brand Capri

The first American version of Capri was introduced in 1956 by Lee Brothers Tobacco, as 'Capri Rainbows', a high-end brand with different-coloured cigarette papers. At a later point, the Capri trademark was acquired by Brown & Williamson, who first made Capri as a regular-gauge menthol cigarette. The brand was relaunched in 1987 as the world's first superslim cigarette, with a diametre of 17 mm. (By comparison, a regular-gauge cigarette has a diametre of 25 mm, while a slim cigarette is 21 mm.) This version of Capri is sold in many countries throughout the world, including Brazil, Hong Kong, Italy, and Japan. In France, where the trademark 'Capri' isn't used, the brand is sold under the name Caprice.

In the United States, the brand is currently made by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco, which bought Brown & Williamson in 2004.

Other Capri-brand cigarettes (unrelated to the American version) have been made in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Israel.

Capri is available in regular and menthol light varieties, as well as regular and menthol ultra-light varieties. Capri is also available in a 120 mm length.

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