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Brand Cameo

The Canadian version of Cameo was introduced in 1935 by Imperial Tobacco Canada. It was first a cork-tipped, mentholated cigarette, and was brought to market to compete with Macdonald Menthol, which W.C. Macdonald had introduced the year before. The cork-tipped version was superceded with the introduction of Cameo Filter Tipped in 1956 in regular size; the king-sized version [85 mm] was likely introduced in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

The pack's design has had few changes over the years. An extra mild king size version of Cameo was introduced in 1977; it was renamed "Cameo Frost" in 2007, as the words "light" and "mild" were banned from Canadian cigarette packages. In 1988, a mild version of Cameo, called Cameo Special, was introduced, but it did not last on the market for very long.

In 2008, Imperial Tobacco Canada ceased their Canadian manufacturing operations; today, all of Imperial's brands (including Cameo) are produced in Mexico and shipped to Canada for sale.

Cameo Frost was discontinued in 2011; at the same time, the full flavour version was rebranded as du Maurier Menthol to coincide with that brand's revamping.

Cameo is also produced in New Zealand and South Africa.

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