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Brand Aura

Aura cigarettes are produced in Bosnia by the Sarajevo Tobacco company.

Before the war in Bosnia the Sarajevo Tobacco (FDS) Company made Marlboro cigarettes- the famous Sarajevo Marlboro, widely considered the best Yugoslavian made cigarette. After losing their license to use the name Marlboro during the war, the company simply came up with the AurA brand and continued making the same cigarettes. Aura Extra cigarettes are very popular full flavor cigarettes in Bosnia and the region, while AurA lights are preferred by smokers who want a cigarette with more manageable intensity.

King size (85 mm), hard pack, 20 cigarettes in a pack.

Aura Extra: 12mg Tar, 0.9mg Nicotine. Strong and slightly spicy taste.
Aura Light: 8mg Tar, 0.6mg Nicotine. Mild taste.
Aura Super Light: 4mg Tar, 0.4mg Nicotine. Tastes like air.

Cigarettes A

Cigarettes A