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Brand Ashima

Ashima cigarettes are produced in China, king size (85 mm) and long (100 mm), soft or hard pack, 20 cigarettes in a pack.

"Ashima" is A grade flue-cured type cigarette. The cigarette gets its brand from Yunnan Folk legend, where there is a heroine named Ashima, who is the symbol of hard working, courage, and wisdom. It has had the brand since 1982 and has always been sold in China and partly exported. It is one of the 13 kinds of cigarettes whose pricing has been deregulated by the nation. The cigarette is made with the high and middle tobacco leaves planted in Yuxi and special essence under advanced technique. The quality is stable because the whole process of production is highly controlled according to technique standard and quality ensuring system. The filaments of the cigarette are bright and golden; and the fragrance is pure and agreeable; the cigarette is specially designed and packed with profound ethnic characteristics. The product has been granted many titles at provincial and national level in the line: in 1993, it was granted the certificate of quality export product from National Foreign Trade Department; In 1985, it gained the title of National Famous Product; In 1987 and 1989, it received the certificate of National Best Sold Product; In 1989, it gained the golden medal at China First Food Exhibition; and in 1990, it was awarded the silver medal at the Show of China's 10-Year Packing Achievements.
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