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Brand Andron

Andron cigarettes were produced in the U.S.A. by G. A. Andron & Co., Inc., short (70 mm) and 90(mm), wide flat hard box , 20 or 18 cigarettes in a pack.

G.A. Andron Inc. used to make three brands of hand-packed cigarettes - Andron, Turkish Special and Rameses II - in Deer Park until last year, when it moved production to Holland, where its parent company is based. We regret to inform you that G.A. Andron is currently not servicing cigarette and or tobacco retailers.

Andron (Specials) were made of entirely of an Oriental blend of tobacco. The distribution of these cigarettes in the USA was discontinued in the early 2000's and their manufacture was entirely discontinued some time shortly thereafter.*(*information was solicited directly from VCT/GA Andron company by a fan of these cigarettes on 21-May-08).
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