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Truth and Liberty Manufacturing

Brand(s): American Harvest, Fresh Blend, Fresh Choice

Fresh Blend

Clove (6 oz. bag)
Cinnamon (6 oz. bag)
Amaretto (6 oz. bag)
Peach (6 oz. bag)
Chocolate (6 oz. bag)
Vanilla Caramel (6 oz. bag)

Fresh Choice (Roll-Your-Own)

Gold Label (6 oz. can)
Full Flavor .75 oz.
Light .75 oz.
Menthol .75 oz.
Natural .75 oz.
Full Flavor 6 oz.
Light 6 oz.
Full Flavor 6 oz.
Light 6 oz.
Menthol 6 oz.
Natural 6 oz.
Full Flavor 16 oz.
Light 16 oz.
Menthol 16 oz.
Natural 16 oz.
Natural Light 16 oz.
Vanilla 1.5 oz.
Cherry 1.5 oz.
Vanilla 8 oz.
Cherry 8 oz.

American Harvest (Roll-Your-Own)

Full Flavor .75 oz.
Full Flavor 6 oz.
Full Flavor 16 oz.

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