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Rothmans International

At its peak, Rothmans International ranked among the world's top four multinational tobacco companies before it was acquired by British American Tobacco. Its founder, Louis Rothman (1869-1927), immigrated to London, England, in 1887; in his homeland of the Ukraine, he apprenticed in the family's tobacco factory during his teenaged years. Rothman opened his first kiosk on Fleet Street in 1890, where he would sell to the printers and reporters working there during the day, and hand-rolling his cigarettes at night. Over the coming decade, he gained a reputation for making quality products; Rothman began to supply the aristocracy and wealthy businessmen, and would go on to open two more shops. In 1900, he was able to open up a large-sized showroom on Pall Mall; it was from this store that Rothman launched his Pall Mall brand. Another successful brand from this time was Royal Favourites.

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