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Brand Vogue

In most of the world’s markets, Vogue cigarettes are manufactured by British American Tobacco, and produced in slims, superslims, and regular-width formats. They are or have been available in Canada, England, Germany, Holland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea (where they are made with a charcoal filter), and Switzerland.

In Canada, Vogue was once manufactured by Imperial Tobacco Canada as a non-filter, but was discontinued some decades ago. Interestingly enough, Imperial Tobacco continues to manufacture Vogue cigarette papers (in their original design) to this very day. The modern incarnation of Vogue was relaunched in Canada in 2009, under the Allan Ramsay division of I.T.C. Canada; they are available in three superslim formats (Blue, Lilac, and Menthol), as well as in slim (regular and menthol). It should be noted that Vogue Slims and Vogue Menthol Slims are to be replacing the discontinued Matinée Slims and Matinée Menthol Slims in 2010.

In the American market, Vogue cigarettes (wrapped in black paper and filter-tipped) were introduced by Stephano Brothers Ltd. in 1955. The following year, the company launched Vanity Fair Filter, which was available in pastel blue or pastel pink. When Stephano Brothers merged with the U. S. Tobacco Company in 1960, Vanity Fairs were replaced with Vogue Colors, which as the name implies was available in five different colours.

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