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Brand Turret

Turret Cigarettes were produced by Ogden’s of Liverpool, a division of Imperial Tobacco Canada. The original version was regular sized (70 mm) and non-filtered, and was eventually discontinued. Imperial Tobacco relaunched the brand as a filtered cigarette, in regular (75 mm) and king size (85 mm), in 1978; this version lasted only a few years before being withdrawn.

A very well preserved painted advert for this brand can be seen on a building's side wall on Sherbrooke street West (close to corner of Patricia ave. - NDG) in Montreal, Qc - Canada. It was "revealed" by a fire that destroyed of an adjoining building. Date of advert is unknown to me, but picture doesnt seem to match any of the above. As it may disappear from view anytime soon when burnt-down building gets rebuilt, here is a picture of it for posterity:


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