Alfa (italian version) (design 2) S-20-S - Italy

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Alfa (italian version) (design 2) /S-20-S/ - Italy

The proposed image shows Alfa without filter as produced in the 80's. Generally considered the worst Italian cigarettes, Alfa had a dark and low-quality tobacco, in which it was not so rare to find dust and pieces of wood. Very rich of tar, Alfa were appreciated by those ancient smokers who looked for a tasty cigarette at a low price. In the period in which "Nazionali Semplici", i.e. Nationals without filter were difficult to find as part of the "Mobile Scale Basket" established by Italian governments, Alfa were a very popular alternative, even if of lower quality. The golden lion with the shield, introduced at the end of '70s to substitute gradually the well known sailing ship, represents the old symbol of Italian "Monopoli di Stato" (acronym: MS), the national tobacco industry. The white triangle on red background substituted in 80's the red Greek "alpha" painted on a white package, that was this brand's symbol in the 70's. As it happened to similar brands like Super and Nazionali, Alfa package is no more available in the short size. From 90's begin, it has been substituted by long package King Size.

alfa italian version design 2 s 20 s italy